Dan. brother of Alice, found in the remnants of a destroyed kingdom. according to the mysterious boy, he will be the one that helps the ten great races survive the coming storm. he is crippled but apparently has some kind of mysterious power in him.

Alice. sister of Dan, found in the remnants of a destroyed kingdom. according to the mysterious boy, she will be the one that creates a new world after the coming storm. she has 1 in 1 000 000 martial talent

Mysterious boy. seen by general Wong when he was leaving the destroyed kingdom. relationship with Dan and Alice at least martial emperor strength.

General Wong. general who found Dan and Alice in the destroyed kingdom. heralded as the fierce tiger general

General Wu. general who was with general Wong when they found the Dan and Alice. heralded as the silver wings general


2 grand kingdoms

Sun phoenix kingdom. wiped out ten years ago by the beast man army

moon giant kingdom. wiped out twelve years ago by the seraph army

5 great kingdoms

red devil kingdom

silver wolf kingdom

green fairy kingdom

clear roc kingdom

light dragon kingdom


southern sky kingdom. the kingdom in which Dan and Alice were raised

Martial ranks:

mortals. no martial arts

martial practitioner. basic martial arts

martial true practitioner. have unlocked their profound vein, created their first martial spirit and have awakened a martial physique

martial master

martial grand-master

martial lord

martial king

martial emperor

martial overlord

martial saint

martial god

martial soverign

martial technique ranks:




true martial






Martial technique types

ordinary martial techniques

cultivation martial techniques

worldly martial techniques

solidification martial techniques

killing martial techniques

saving martial techniques

and unique techniques


cripple. someone whose profound vein has been collapsed and as such can’t advance past martial true practitioner to martial master